The Amazing Inner Power

Somebody who attack using a strike will have his step stopped in front of one who masters inner power. The strike will reach the unseen “wall”, even with a little rejecting move the offender will fall onto the ground. Through a look-simple hand move, a grandma causes an armed young man attacking her thrown into the air and fall on the ground painfully, and possibly with serious hurt.

Or whenever a street boy likes to tip a girl, suddenly he fall backward, since the girl push her hands without even touching him. Next, a pick-pocket suddenly stand still, and drawn back to the wallet owner he stole. An amazing scenes like those above remind us of a silat story or mandarin silat film, but as a matter of fact what is written above is not merely fiction.

In Indonesia inner power knowledge is no more a strange thing since iet is openly issued on the mass media in early 1987. Breathing exercises developed by many silat teaching center in Indonesia is proven to give much advantages. Beside being able to care our heart in a relatively short time, you can also utilize it as a very unique non physical self-defense. What is actually inner power?

It is sad that inner power is a kind of God’s decision as well as willing. Meaning that it can only work over God’s willing and authority, in that if one is in proper position then God promises victory, safety, health and prosperousness. Though basically the inner power is originated from God’s Greatness, but principally every body owns inner power since he was born. Only that this inner power is still sleeping or latently hidden, and therefore needs to be waken up. The power stays around one’s tail-bone (sulbi) at three fourth a circle. If it’s already got up it will stream a power through thirty-three segments of backbone up to the head. From head, it goes down ahead solar plexus residing a bit below the belly which is the center of sympathetic nerves. For those owning inner power, there will be an invisible protecting shine which is always protecting him from danger or devil offense jeopardizing him, even without performing any move the inner power will automatically work.

That’s the comment from one of a senior and professor on inner power in Indonesia. Inner power is also known in various arts of self-defense coming from China and Japan as we have already known. Ki or Chi is the main capital to obtain a tremendous power residing in man’s body. Through breathing originated from chest and belly there will arise the inner power able to use for defensive, self-defense, recovery, fitness, and to strike hard material. The uniqueness of inner power in Indonesia, beside those already mentioned above, is its ability to throw the contender having bad purpose, without you had to touch him. And it can also be used to protect your belongings from somebody’s bad aim, and this may be done directly or performed from long distance. For you who are just know this art of self-defense, this may make you wonder but please browse the internet about inner power from Indonesia which is unique. For the last ten years the exercise of inner power self defense grows fast.

More and more applicants for this art of self defense, since they like to own advantage ability for self protection against offense by those who intends to hurt ourselves, without doing physical move, or without touching him. Among the world of silat, or those people who have witnessed directly the exciting inner power demonstration, throwing away contender from a ten-meter distance is no longer a stranger case. Also ladies who are able to knock down offenders crowding her, without she has to make physical contact. Inner power self defense is actually not looking for participant with a tough, strong or big body posture, nor it distinguishes genders or age of any body, except learning time span which is relatively short. This is among others, the advantages of inner power self defense known wider. The public interest which keeps increasing is in fact understood, since until recently people fell less safe in the surrounding. Crime is increasing its frequency in various forms and motivations. Basically inner power can be searched alone without other’s help. Every body has got it and the most important is exercise. But it’s true that it comes faster to master if there’s teacher guidance.

The teacher has normally prepare his knowledge he obtained tens of years ago from various kinds of streams, to further systemized in order to be easier to be learned by the laymen. It’s also understood if each of the self-defense teaching centers has different opinions while they are seeking and searching for inner power resources. Aside from the place the inner power is found, case of inner power until recently is still something mysterious. Therefore, people often consider this as something against kodrat (God’s willing) and allying with devil’s power, etc. However we, Tridaya Inner Power keeps trying to explain transparently what inner power is all about, so that the mysterious thing can be accepted by common sense. This inner power strength may not be used as you like to hurt others, so that your inner power will reduce its strength. Here we will exercise patience and fertilize positive things useful to improve our own inner power. Therefore, any body who likes to learn inner power must be based upon positive thought and wish, and not to reflect negative perception against himself.

We expect the development of art of inner power self defense can spread over the countries, and may be expected further to all mankind’s welfare. Inner power is an uncovered mystery until recently. Generally we know that owning inner power would give advantage for the owner, both for health and for self-defense. In broad sense, the way one gets inner power can be split into two kinds. First method, stresses the breathing exercise. This method relies on the management of breath. Exercises performed are generally through certain moves or with certain attitudes, or with meditation. Every inner power teaching center has certain characteristics in attitudes and practicing moves which essentially aims to achieve managed breathing. With managed breathing it’s expected to have inner power arisen. The weakness in obtaining inner power “only” in breath managing indicates that the self-confidence hasn’t fully arisen whenever there’s disturbance form spiritual creatures.

Second method, inner power may be obtained through certain prayers. This method can be chosen by any body having strong belief in the existence of God The Authority. Inner power obtained through certain prayers is generally gained through: fasting, awakening and fulfilling. Through fasting there will be inner power obtained, and can have it tested. Fasting performed varies from one teaching center to another. There’s fasting done one full day and night, from subuh time up to next subuh not eating nor sleep. This is what they called self-cleaning. The prayers read during this kind of fasting come from the Holy Book’s verses or ritualizing a kind of mantra (spoken pray). Another way in obtaining inner power is through mind directing. This method aims to function our mind. Obtaining inner power with the method of mind directing doesn’t need any prayer, strategy nor special time. Mind directing may be done at any time and at any place. The implementation of mind directing is performed through directing our mind upon our breath. This is aimed to function our mind based on what we wish. The conformity between acts and wish or heart whispering, based on the mind’s ability.

This will determine the strength of inner power one gets. If we assume inner power as a series of lights, then the last light targeted by him is the “light of heart”. Through directing one’s mind to his breath routinely, slowly the “feeling of ease” will stream into his heart, breathing will be smooth automatically. Moreover, light of heart makes us able to break through the secret behind another world, and you will find unlimited own potential. The three methods of obtaining inner power above may be found in our guidance book.

Level I – Inner Power, describing inner power through breathing,

Level II – Spiritual Power, explaining how to get inner power through prayers without having to do fasting,

Level III – Vibrotic Power, explaining how to up-rise inner power through the strength of vibration happens in the universe. Should there’s question concerning this matter, please contact us . Lukman Surjana

The Function Of Tridaya. Knock Down Your Opponent Without Touch !

Tridaya Inner Power martial arts for self defense can be said beneficial to everybody, male or female, because it is certainly needed for protection from criminal intentions of others, on the road or at home. Certainly, everybody wants to protect their property, children or beloved family from evil threats. Your Inner Power capacity can be thought of as multipurpose because it helps with health, recovery, self-defense and blessing. Your unique martial arts for self defense inner power capacity can be used from a long distance. For example, it can be used if you want to protect your child at school, an employee collecting money from the Bank, to protect your car, motorcycle, residence or whatever.

All those can also be conducted from close distance, as far as the eye can see, or even for longer distances at another city or country. In order to prove this, at the third level lesson you will prove it by yourself or with your friend, directly or from a long distance (outside town or abroad). Your capacity is not limited to space and time. Test it, yourself martial arts for self defense. Healthy, prosperity, and safety constitute a chain which can not be separated that is required live peacefully and happily. Lack of one of those points will make our lives fearful and full of suffering. Healthy + Prosperity - Safety = Frightened Prosperity + Safety - Healthy = Suffering Healthy + Safety - Prosperity = Poverty If you ask me if I have experienced one of those three points -- frankly speaking :YES. I have had the experience of having throat illness for 8 years, my company ran bankrupt, and I even had an experience of being threatened at the traffic light when driving my car. Thank God I have been given a method to overcome the three classical problems of maintaining Health, Prosperity and Safety through Tridaya method of exercise.

Besides that, my spiritual communication with God brought me closer and and caused me to live fully prosperous and happy with my wife and children. I hope that Tridaya martial arts for self defense Inner Power, given by God to me, may give positive and beneficial effects to you and your family and friends in daily life and fill up those three points: SAFETY, HEALTH, and PROSPERITY. Tridaya Inner Power Course teaches you how to protect yourself and others from criminal threats as well as protecting personal belongings like houses, cars, motorcycles or anything else without using any equipment -- just existing inner powers ( tenaga dalam ) already available within yourself. By doing so, "you yourself are a self defense and security product as well as a home protection and vehicle security product". And now, it can be Your Secret Weapon.

The advantage of Tridaya Inner Power may be said to have a multipurpose nature because it can be utilized for protection, health, recovery and success. You may protect EVERYTHING (house, car, jewelry, safety box, TV, stereo tape, etc), ANYBODY (children, husband, wife, family and your friend) and ANYWHERE (outside town or abroad with no limits on the distance) by only using your outstanding Inner Power potential. Apart from that, your Inner Power can complement the security products you already own. Alternative healer It is also beneficial for those in the alternative healing profession using Pranic Healing, Reiki, Touch healing, Hypnotherapy and other alternative healings, because your power will have synergy with your other methods and multiply the chances of healing instantly. Personal Growth It is suitable for those who enjoy reading and learning: - Creative visualization by Shakti Gawain. -

The seven spiritual laws of success by Deepak Chopra.- Creating money by Sanaya Roman & Duane Packer.- The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale.- Law of Success by Napoleon Hill- The Secret Science at Work - Huna Method by Max Freedom Long - Dynamic Law of Prosperity by Catherine Ponder- Manifest Your Destiny by Wayne W. Dyer- Everyday Miracles by David Spangler- Dynamic of Success by Torkom Saraydarian- The Force and Miracles by Stuart Wilde- The Magic Power of Your Mind by Walter M. Germain- Dragon Magic by Lillian Too- Simple Spells for Success by Barrie Dolnick- TNT The Power Within You by Claude M.Bristol- Psycho Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz- Unlimited Success by Napoleon Hill's- Awaken the Giant Within by Anthony Robbins- and other self improvement books. All the aforementioned books are good -- good for self motivation and as input on how to gain success by utilizing self motivation power.

If you practiced the material in those books accompanied by your inner power, the outcome will be quicker since the books mentioned are like a trigger. What you also need is a power that can make your dream a reality. For example, if you have a revolver and the trigger is pulled, you expect that the bullet should take off in the direction of the target (you are already motivated). But what if the shot doesn't hit the target? This happens probably because : the bullet has not been filled with gunpowder (No power at all) or the bullet has been filled, but the amount of powder is not sufficient to get the bullet to the target (power not enough/powerless). At level III, you will be given a lesson about this matter so that it will increase your capacity and power intensity. This will immediately realize your desires. This is not just theoretical such as the material in the above book titles, but actual understanding and direct practice that gives visible results. Self-Defense Sport Practitionermartial arts for self defense trainer

Are you an athlete of a style like Karate, Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Qigong, Hapkido, Bushido, Aikido, Judo, Taiji, Wushu, Judo, Kempo, Ju Jitsu, Tai Chi Chuan, Sambo, Muay Thai, Hankindo, Jee Kune Do, Kick Boxing , Silat, or even a serious Practitioner of Martial Arts Inner Power or other self-defense art? Tridaya Inner Power will provide added value to your self-defense art. For instance, a Karateka would find it easier to smash solid materials, and his power to hit would be multiplied. The best part is that, for those practicing a style of self-defense, you can practice the inner power techniques by themselves, and then practice them again along with your physical training.

My Inner Power Journey

At the beginning of 1988, I began inner power self-defense martial Art training because a lot of benefits may be obtained besides self-defense, such as: increasing health and recovery, and increasing self confidence, especially in light of the increase nowadays of criminal acts such as hold-ups at traffic-lights. It is indeed difficult to imagine what kind of action should be taken if, all of a sudden, I am attacked by five people on the road. Even though I have studied self-defense physically, certainly if not supported by courage and bravery, I might as well just wait to be stricken repeatedly if I don't hand over my purse and wrist-watch. I might even try to run away, but, if I am already surrounded, this will be certainly impossible.

However, the reason for following inner power training is not entirely to deal with the above mentioned case, but more because of curiosity in my own heart to find the exact answer on What, Why and How inner power is all about. To obtain even a simple answer, I was forced to join more than ten inner power institutions to investigate, observe and perform tests. Even to study privately required quite expensive payment, but the secret in question is still undisclosed openly. In fact, there are efforts to have it covered up. Perseverance, obstinacy and hobby are the main keys to keep investigating the secret about this metaphysical science, especially since, frequently, when the Teacher was asked a direct question, he replied mystically or unreasonably (including my question about how to generate potential power inside a person who slept for a long time which never been exploited).

The answer I would get was: what would be the teacher's and each institution's secret if they gave it away? This was not an answer which I expected to receive, although I am aware that each institution has their individual system of awakening different inner powers, and it usually kept very secret. Afterward, I started to think about how to reveal the very unique inner power mystery starting from how to process inner power as is currently being trained at several inner power institutions that I trained in, as well as methods found in the human body and universe. After conducting various experiments, and thanks to God's blessing and mercy in guiding me, I finally found a simple, fast and effective method to awaken power inside both directly and from any long distance whatsoever, and it's named TRIDAYA INNER POWER !!!

The Meaning Of Tridaya

The meaning of Tridaya: Tri = Three, Daya = Force, so Tridaya Inner Power is a triple force of inner power -- the energy already in existence from birth. What will be trained and taught is how those three outstanding forces be can be awakened and used to neutralize an opponent without touching the persons concerned, as well as for HEALTH , for RECOVERY and GOOD FORTUNE.

Tridaya Inner Power proved to be the core of the inner power science which I have learned so far. So, for that purpose, the training is divided into three stages. These three forces correspond with three very important aspects of each human being, namely Mind, Body and Spirit. Somehow, when I started to research this inner power science, I was led to analyze the inner power mysteries one by one, with the result that I finally found out that these three powers constitute the core of inner power strength.

Although these powers apparently are independent from each other,they form a kind of synergy which mutually supports and fills in the gaps when this Tridaya Inner Power is needed. Tridaya Inner Power does not require a long training period -- not three years, two years or even one year, but in one to two weeks with one to two hours of training every day, you can master the material and prove your skills concretely against materials as well as animals. The duration of training for each person is different. It depends on each individual, but there are people capable of demonstrating it in three days. Clearly, if you practice exactly in accordance with instructions, there will be no time of trial and error present in the training and proof. Some days, you may need longer training sessions than another person. Why is it be like that?

Each person has different potential capacity. Just as with a knife, there are some that still needed to be sharpened for a while before it becomes sharp. There are some in need of more time for that purpose. Even with that, you should also bear in mind that the Master shall also participate and awaken, activate and carry out synchronization of your inner power potential which has never been trained. Therefore, you don't have to take a long period of time to master this science.

Amazing Inner Power For Self Defence


In the seventies and eighties, self defense and health sports spread over Indonesia such as Tai Chi Chuan, Kung Fu/Wushu ChiKung/Qigong/Chigong (which makes up Chinese Martial Arts). Karate, Judo, Kempo, Ju-Jitsu and Aikido were also already popular at that time, and Kyokushinkai from Japan was also fairly attractive to the younger generation as a self defense art in which Mas Oyama introduced a full contact karate style where kumite is practiced in a contest. 

The Korean self-defense art Taekwondo was also not left behind. This particular sport added luster to the country, showing off terrifying technical kicks. Still fresh in my memory are Bruce Lee's films entitled "Enter the Dragon" and "First of Fury", which caused my sister and I to go home regretfully due to the fact that there were no more tickets left (and we are strong fans of Bruce Lee). 

He also introduced the flying kick and popularized Double Stick (Nanchuca) and Jeet Kune Do: the concepts, techniques, training and fighting methods of Bruce Lee. Self-defense art themes in Japanese and Chinese films are very dominant and add to the development of these arts. I have had the opportunity to train in Judo, Kyokushinkai and Kung Fu and learned how to make use of Double Stick (as consequence of which, I have had an experience of getting injured on my head -- hit by the rebound I made, myself). 

At the same time, if people talk about Pencak Silat (a traditional self-defense art which constitutes the authentic Indonesian one), no one would be proud of it. What they are thinking of is just protection, awkward and unpopular. Moreover, there is a joke saying that a traditional Silat athlete can only compete if he is accompanied by a drum. It is indeed true that drums are being utilized to accompany postures used in dances within this traditional self-defense art. However, it is only part of the art's movement and usually conducted only for demonstration purposes before an audience, whereas drums are actually not used at all at contest activities. Suddenly, in early 1987, one of the most popular sports media in Indonesia issued an editorial entitled "This is Tai Chi from Depok" as a joke title, since every body knew that Tai Chi originated from China while Depok was a remote spot and far from city bustle. 

However, what is interesting is that the cover picture showed an old man throwing his opponent without touching him and an old woman throwing her opponent, a young boy, to his back as if by enormous power. Afterwards, all the fans of self-defense arts who had read the above mentioned story were surprised and doubtful - it was pretty unbelievable - including me, since logically it is impossible that one can throw his enemy without touching him. It was even said that one could make a blow from a long distance. The Editorial Section of the sport weekly was overwhelmed to receive phone calls everyday for several months to verify the reality of the news published, and the reply certainly confirmed that all the facts presented were authentic ones without deceit or camera tricks. 

This was the initial introduction of inner power traditional self-defense art in Indonesia, never having been published openly beforehand. Inner Power in Indonesia called Tenaga Dalam. The enormous wave of fans of inner power self defense suddenly exploded. "Sin Lam Ba Inner Power Self Defense Institution", which became the news focus, has been overwhelmed by followers. Hundreds or even thousands of people in great numbers witness with their own eyes the reality of this inner power. Sport fans and even those who previously were not interested in self-defense art finally followed the training, since it is useful against attack by enemies as well as someone's bad intentions like pick pocketing, robbery, raping etc., and at that time, no days passed without inner power discussion. 

Various discussions and inner power self-defense institutions which had previously not been in the public eye suddenly took part in producing articles in newspapers and magazines. Even journalists from foreign printing and television media were also hunting for discussions regarding inner power. It was really amazing. At that time, few inner power institutions were well known until today, such as Merpati Putih, Satria Nusantara, Panca Daya, Tapak Diri, Pusaka Jakarta, Bunga Karang etc. 

They became famous and a primary topic of discussion for the defense sport fans as well as common self-defense arts not utilizing inner power. At that time, a relationship was been established, which seldom existed, in which one of the AIKIDO institutions invited an inner power self-defense institution to show a demonstration, since they did not believe the existence of inner power ( tenaga dalam ) which purely originated from Indonesia. The demo showed how an enemy is hit from a certain distance, an attacker thrown down from the front (or back as well), to break hard objects, to break tiles, to pull a car with the neck, to stand against fire, to throw a lot of opponents, etc. 

Eventually, in the middle of April 1988, a sport weekly tabloid, having participated in introducing this inner power, published a special edition regarding this subject, although their typical focus was football, tennis and badminton news. In this special edition, inner power, how an opponent can be thrown away without being touched, and a lot of other questions were asked. Unfortunately, however, the question of the now popular inner power couldn't be totally explained. One inner power professor only declared that inner power is made up of eight, mysterious radiances. Some commented that inner power is mystical, and one of the chairman of the Indonesian Traditional Self-Defense Association advised, "It may happen, to feel greatly and then forget the Lord". The tabloid also published the experience of a women feeling more confident after mastering inner power science in order to anticipate crimes (which had become increasingly violent and unpredictable). She had also recovered from an illness and her stamina had drastically improved. 

The what, why and how of inner power was the topic in that special issue, and it seemed only to reach a dead end before finding the answers, owing to the level of science and perception at that particular time. If some dared to inquire in detail, the teacher usually answered in a negative way and covered the facts. Some seminars and the interest of some State Ministers really has increased the popularity of this traditional self-defense which previously has been ignored. The fact that inner power has not yet been explained completely, and the precise explanations as to such things as enemies being hit without being touched.... 

This is still a big question mark to me, personally. The Ultimate Martial Arts for Self Defense Tridaya Inner Power !!!

Tridaya Attunement: The Key To Strong Inner Power

Inner Power Package Inner Power systems consist of attunements to energies that make it possible for people to develop levels of invincibility to protect themselves and others from being cut, burned, shot or stabbed, and to prevent the use of black magic, physical or psychic attacks against them. As long as the holder of Inner Power does not give into fear then the emotions of the attacker are turned against him or her, and their own energy works to defeat them before they can land a solid blow. The various forms of Inner Power presented here will do this for you and more. There are three levels to Tridaya Inner Power, and all of them involve breath-work, meditations, and various exercises that ramp up your phyisical psychic and spiritual energy. 

Level One. This is simply called Inner Power, and the detailed manual for this level cover such subjects as The Mystery of Inner Power, The Law of Cause and Effect, Arousing Inner Power, Benefits of Inner Power Exercise, Inner Power Breathing Exercise, Inner power for Self-Defense, and four Inner Power tests that will blow your mind! 

Price - $150 

Level Two is called Spiritual Power and covers such subjects as Spiritual Power, Traditional Exercise, Ngelmu (Learning how to overcome self-defeating emotions), Mamayu Hayuning Bawono (Doing right things for the sake of the world), Proof of Spiritual Power, Hidden Power (How to access it), Understanding Spiritual Power, Building Spiritual Power, The Application of Spiritual Power, and God's Power. 

Price - $250 

Level Three is called Vibrotic Power and covers such subjects as The Nature of Energy, Everything is Vibrating, Resonance, Polarity, The Body Electric, Vibrotic Power, Vibrotic Power Exercises, Amazing Tests of your Power, Protection, Health, Prosperity Energy and Tuning into a Prosperity Energy. Each level has it's own attunement, and a detailed manual covering every aspect of each level of training. The manuals are sent to you by e-mail as a pdf, and you also receive a certificate following your final attunement in this system which you can proudly display for your clients to see. We also give you three years of e-mail support so that you will get the most possible benefit from working.

 Price - $360